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When a Heart Stops Beating: A True Story of Health Crisis

By Kara Ranck, RN, BSN There is nothing like getting a wake-up call at 3:30 am and hearing your mom’s panicked voice saying, “Kara needs to come. Dad is in cardiac arrest and is not responding.”    That type of call is enough to stop anyone’s heartbeat. My nerves are tingling even now as I type this eight months later. That was the unforgettable call my husband Trevor and I received on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. I have never moved so quickly after waking up. As I dressed, Trevor prayed and said he would take care of the kids. All I remember about the drive to my parents’ house is crying out to God. “God, be with my dad. God, save my dad. God, you love my dad more than I do,” I prayed over and over again. Because, you see, I believe in God. I believe in a God who can heal people when science and statistics say no. I believe that God loves my Dad so much He died on a cross for him and that if my dad died that morning, he would be safe in heaven because he trusts Jesus as his Savio