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When Our Plans Change

By Guest Writer PC: Unsplash Late summer, 6 years ago, we finally worked up the courage to have an appointment with a fertility doctor, having no idea that our son was A L R E A D Y - O N - H I S - W A Y. Three months later, we sat down with our doctor to discuss our plans for moving forward, having no idea that our son had already been born T H E - D A Y - B E F O R E. Proverbs 16:9 says "The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Every year as my son’s birthday comes, I'm so moved by the grace of the God. While we were sitting down to discuss our plans with our fertility doctor, God already had another plan in motion. Through the struggle with infertility, God positioned us to be exactly where we needed to be to meet our son. During what felt like the darkest season of our lives, God already knew how the story was going to play out. Through cancer and surgeries and more tears than I could count, he was preparing us for the coming bless

In My Weakness, He is Strong

By Lindsey Snader PC: Unsplash With anticipation of a natural birth with baby #2 in January 2017, normal labor quickly turned into an unexpected and frightening emergency c-section. Baby girl was finally born and perfectly healthy, but I was unprepared for the challenging recovery ahead. The weeks following required a lot of pain medication, I needed an adult with me every day for 6+ weeks, and I felt like I couldn’t adequately take care of my toddler and infant. Emotionally, I also tried to let go of the birth I hoped for and just be thankful that she and I made it through. Nonetheless, I felt so tired and weak—physically and emotionally. Worship song lyrics often played in my mind, “Lord I need you, oh I need you”…“I’m tired, I’m worn.” Thankfully, by summertime, I started to feel a little more like myself. Then, near the end of summer, I got poison on my hands. Poison led to steroids and antibiotics, meds led to a terribly itchy rash on my hands, the rash led to more m